eBay and other e-business solutions


Below are just some of the ways we can help train and optimize your business

If you have never sold on ebay or other on-line auctions WE CAN GET YOU STARTED.  We work with individuals with little or no experience and those that have on-line experience and will find the tools to enable you to become proficient.

Customized Coaching & Mentoring
Below are just some of the ways we can help train and optimize your business:


  • Plan, develop and optimize your on-line auctions business- We will help you determine which on-line auction site may be the best to host your auctions. WE ARE NOT SELLING PRODUCTS AND ARE NOT COMMISSIONED AGENTS FOR ANY COMPANY therefore we will render a straight-forward unbiased objective opinion and assessment.

  • Strategize to become a TOP RATED SELLER- There are specific best practices and business policies you  cannot ignore if you want to take your business to the next level eTRS!  We can help you figure out quickly what to do and how to adapt to your business to optimize your success

  • Determine which 3rd party may be best to assist you List your auctions- You can get lost in the maze of options available. There are many quality auction management programs but do you want to spend all of your profits using them?  We can help you find the best-matched solutions based upon your need.

  • Post auction Customer management- You CAN loose a sale due to poor communication.  Excellent customer communication doesn't stop at a "brick and mortar store" is so utterly important.  We will teach you how to keep customers happy and the negative feedback to a minimum as well as minimize returns.  We have a long list of tips on how to keep your customers happy and coming back for more!

  • Setting up your office and e-business- We have over 25 years as business owners and professionals with degrees in business.  A history strong tax, finance, computer and client relationship enables us to deliver the expert advice you are looking for. Organization is most important; particularly as a home-based business owner. 

  • Computer set-up- Website Development and Software Recommendations.  We have experience creating and setting up custom websites and can offer recommendations to increase your sales.

  • Website presence- We can recommend and provide you with the training to setup your own website including domain name and shopping carts with our business partners.


If your business needs custom solutions, you've come to the right place. CoachingUonline expert development team is experienced in all phases of computer setup, including stand alone consoles and network setup.  


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eBay Courses & Classes


 We specialize in both hands-on training and consulting to assist you in identifying and implementing ways to grow your online business whether that be for your ebay business or any other online business. From the beginner, novice or expert we have been there and understand the challenges that exist and can keep you from attaining the next levels of success.

Want to take your business to the next level?  "Beyond the Basics"  techniques for the serious seller helps business owners expand operations online and helps experienced sellers discover ways to ramp up sales. 


Heard about eBay stores or perhaps you have an eBay store and need some training to drive more sales and business into your eBay site?  The "eBay Stores" course is the perfect way to get your sales "jump-started".  .Establishing an eBay Store- is a viable source of revenue and goes hand in hand with driving business to your bottom line.  We can assist with storefront logo design, uitilizing tools unique to eBay stores, increasing traffic and SEO and strategy.

Social Marketing & Branding


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Video Tutorials 
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