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Layoff, furlough, and pink-slip can be scary words these days. If you haven't experienced the traumatic event of losing your job consider yourself as one of the fortunate. It need not be a source of anxiety especially if you position yourself by learning a new skill, one that could help you through a very difficult time. The skill of successfully selling on eBay. I actually experienced the loss of my career 10 years ago. Back then we called it "right-sized". I had been a Relationship Manager and Vice President of a very large National Bank with over 20 years of experience. It came as quite a shock at the time, but life is very strange and interesting, a new door was opened for me, a door that I have never had to close. At the time my husband and I had also just closed our last source of income, a video store, and both of us wondered what in the world are we going to do? During the final days at the bank, a co-worker who had lost her job a few months prior came into the bank and was sharing with me what she had been doing. She had found eBay and spent her days scrounging around thrift shops and yard sales and had met much success. She said she earned more than she did at the bank and worked a little less by selling those same items on eBay. She definitely captured my attention! I began to think of how nice it would be to have an outlet to eliminate the video store inventory (remember VHS tapes?) we had from the store that would create an income that was comparable with my salary at the bank. Fast forward 10.000 + plus transactions, tape by tape, eBay has become my primary source of income. Today we sell much more than just VHS tapes including collectibles, women's designer clothes, and accessories and entertainment. I have enjoyed my new business on eBay and have been teaching others how to be successful on eBay for the last 10 years. There is nothing as empowering as being able to create your own income and business. This is a freedom that will endure through time and especially in these days of uncertainty. Even if you are a beginner, you need not be intimidated. I teach all levels of students and offer one-on-one private class, small and large group classes and business consultation. I have been a POWERSELLER on eBay for 12 years now, and have learned some tried and true methods to make the eBay process a whole lot easier. Please join one of my classes and learn the shortcuts and ways to also become a successful eBay seller. Let me help ease some of the frustration because it can be a lot of FUN when you approach it the right way.

Did you know that more than 1.3 million people earn a primary or secondary source of income on eBay alone? And also according to A.C. Nielsen, on behalf of eBay, an estimated 650,000 + in the United States are selling online through sites like eBay to supplement income or as a source to support the main livelihood. Why not with an audience of over 100 million registered users? If you are reading this now you are considering taking the next BEST step toward becoming independent and self-sufficient. If you are one of the many who have grown tired of the 9-to-5 workday (if you still have a job), long fights in traffic and the uncertainty of today’s job market, selling online offers tremendous flexibility to run your own business when and how you want!


As ONE of only 30 Certified Business Consultants, an Education Specialist trained by eBay worldwide and the ONLY CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR in the entire State of ARIZONA, I am highly skilled and trained to help YOU meet your personal goals of selling on-line and making a living just like me! Presently I am one of eight "Featured Instructors" so be sure to read my personal story in the front of this site under “FEATURED INSTRUCTORS”. Certified Business Consultants have been extensively trained by eBay to teach you how to buy & sell on eBay as well as to consult with businesses on how to effectively use eBay as a business model. I achieved the distinction and have met the comprehensive qualifications required for this designation. My primary specialization is helping YOU become a successful eBay seller and ultimately A TOP RATED SELLER!


With over 9.700 positive feedback, a solid 20 years of successful sales on eBay and Top Rated Seller status, my expertise and business background, a Top seller with thousands of positive feedback and over 10 years of experience with other top online channels such as Amazon, I can train you from start to finish; from the most easy at-home set-up to full business customization including recordkeeping, business setup and tax concerns. Learn the tried and true way of successful online sales that will save you many hours of time and personal frustration that comes as a result of attempting to navigate the eBay maze of links and instructions. Even if you are a beginner you need not be intimidated. I teach all levels of students and offer one-on-one personal tailored instruction, small and large groups and businesses.


I have been teaching individuals, settling Estates, Probates and helping businesses liquidate excess inventory for over 20 years. I am also a Consignment seller and have successfully sold thousands of personal consignment items for my clients and liquidated businesses. As a featured seller in Entrepreneur Magazine and Terapeak, I have shared tips and my personal eBay success story. My previous professional experience includes over 12 years of Management of a Tax Department and the settlement of Estates, Probates and Trust Administration and held the position of Vice President & Relationship Manager for a National Private Bank and Trust Company. Having served as President of the Arizona State division of the prestigious Bank Administration Institute, BAI for several years, a non-profit National group responsible for developing and maintaining educational standards for professional bankers, I truly understand the importance and value of continuing adult education. For more than 80 years, BAI has focused on advancing the industry by offering unbiased education and research. In addition, BAI facilitates ongoing industry dialogue through a robust network of financial services professionals, thought leaders, newsmakers, and solutions experts. I hold dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Business and Accounting, Graduate of ASU and am presently a CPA candidate.

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