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Ok what now?  That’s exactly what I said to myself after my first time perusing eBay.  An ex-employee of the bank I was previously employed with casually strolled in the office one day and was boasting about how she was making thousands of dollars selling junk she had accumulated at garage sales working part-time out of her home.  I thought no problem, I’m a pretty sharp gal, I’ll pick this up in no time.   What seemed relatively simple on surface turned out to be a multi-faceted ordeal that literally took me months to before I got my first professional looking auction up and running and many more months to master the processes. Ever heard of the old saying "paralysis by analysis"?

Between purchasing the right equipment, taking the right pictures, file-transfers (a science in and of itself), learning some HTML to jazz the auctions up, auction monitoring and customer follow-up resulted in the loss of valuable time and money.  I quickly learned there is only so many hours in a day and to make this endeavor profitable I better employ the use of shortcuts.   I also had experienced many days of total frustration with lack of sales and profits.  After all, I had managed the portfolio of multi-million dollar Private Bank clients.  Why was it so hard to find the profit in my own bank account? 

There is a whole other dimension to this and that is the business side.  How do I organize all this clutter I have accumulated to sell?  How do I keep business records and track of things?  Am I making a profit?  The list goes on and on. What I am offering you is a quicker, shorter path to "GETTIN' EBAY"!  And you know the old saying, “time is money”. 

I believe so heartedly in what I’m doing; it has made a tremendous change in my life.  I am now devoting my time to teaching others how to do the same in a FRACTION OF THE TIME IT TOOK ME! If you dream of having the freedom of working on your own, never hearing another alarm clock again, getting stuck in another traffic jam then join me and millions of other eBayers that have done just that.  Let us help you immediately.  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

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