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  • eBay Beyond the Basics Official Class

  • ebay Stores Official Class

  • Selling on Amazon


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Kathleen Manning is a CERTIFIED Education Specialist trained by eBay.  Certified Business Consultants have been extensively trained by eBay to teach students how to buy & sell on eBay as well as to consult with businesses on how to effectively use eBay as a business model.

Kathleen has achieved the distinction of becoming one of only 30 eBay CERTIFIED Business Consultants and Education Specialists in the entire country and world and has met the comprehensive qualifications  and rigorous standards required for this designation.  Classes mastered are "Basics of Selling on eBay" "Beyond the Basics" "eBay Store" as well as "Business Consultant".  In addition, excellent eBay community standing must be in place along with the appropriate seller credentials and feedback.   Classes that are conducted use official eBay materials including the eBay University and student guide. 


Kathleen specializes in both hands-on training and consulting to assist you in identifying and implementing ways to grow your online business whether that be for your ebay business or any other online business. From the beginner, novice or expert she has been there and understand the challenges that exist and keep you from attaining the next levels of success.

Basics of Selling on eBay
Just starting out?  Kathleen teaches eBay’s official "Basics of Selling on eBay" course.  Even if you’ve never bought or sold anything online before, you’ll leave this class knowing how to make money selling online.  Kathleen makes sure everyone graduates ready to start!


Outline of Topics Discussed during the Basics of Selling on eBay Course - Simplified Outline


1. Introduction to eBay

 Brief History of eBay

 eBay Safety Tips

2. Getting Started

Setting up an eBay account

Choosing your first item to sell

Researching the eBay     Marketplace- Ever wondered what to sell on ebay?  How much an item should be listed for or if there is even a market for it?

3.Creating Your Listing

Taking a great photograph of your item (basic information on tips/techniques)

Choosing the right listing format for your item and tips on how to calculate pricing

 Using the "Sell Your Item" Form to list your item on eBay

 Disussion of eBay's different listing formats 

What you should include within your listing and description (essential tips and advice)

Paypal & Payment options; postage and return/refund policy

4. Completing the Sale

Monitoring and revision of your listing

 Managing bidders and buyers

 eBay checkout and invoicing after a purchase is made

 Collecting payment and Posting item

 Leaving feedback, handling unpaid item disputes .... communicating effectively with the eBay community !

eBay Stores


Heard about eBay stores or perhaps you have an eBay store and need some training to drive more sales and business into your eBay site?  The "eBay Stores" course is the perfect way to get your sales "jump-started". 


Hands on Private session to take you business to the next level!  We will open a Store, review strategies to bring in more traffic by using store marketing tools, get you on the fast track to becoming a TOP RATED SELLER and more!

Beyond the Basics
Want to take your business to the next level?  "Beyond the Basics"  techniques for the serious seller helps business owners expand operations online and helps experienced sellers discover ways to ramp up sales.  In addition to this course you will receive business consulting tailored to your needs.


Outline of Topics Discussed during the Beyond the Basics Course - Simplified Outline


1. Starting a Business on eBay                     Developing a business plan

Proper Licensing & reporting

Keeping Accurate records

2. Finding Merchandise to se

        Using effective research                        techniques

3. Creating a 5 star listing

Effective Keyword useUsing the right listing format

4. Listing tools & strategies

Automation & bulk listing

5. eBay StoreeBay Store tool and tips

6. Marketing your ebay store & site

7. Managing your listings

8. Sales reports and other                    toolsTracking your businessSeller dashboardDetailed seller ratings

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